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Stained Glass Class For Beginners
Learn to make lovely Stained Glass!  This class will teach you the Tiffany copper foil method of leaded glass design to create a stained glass panel.  You will experience the art of glass cutting, grinding, copper foiling, and soldering.  Panel projects are approximately 12" X 14" and several patterns for your project are available to choose from. These pattern have been selected for this class to meet the skill level and time limits to this class.  Each student will get to design there own boarder.
Class fee is $90 for 4 class sessions of 2 1/2 hour or 2 class sessions of 5 hours. (price may vary depending on location)  Tools and equipment are provided.  A supply fee of $40 covers glass, 4 bevels (if desired), copper foil tape, solder, lead trim, hooks and all the chemicals to finish off your panel.
Patterns for Beginner Class
Leaf Blossom
Texas Flag
Tall Bell Cross
Short Bell Cross
Tall Bell Flower
Short Bell Flower
Tall Tulip
Short Tulip
These photos are of students work!
Are you looking for Stained Glass supplies?
Free Patterns
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